How to Measure Laptop Size? – [Step by Step Detailed Guide]

How to Measure Laptop Size A laptop comes in many sizes and you can buy one that works best for you. If the situation calls for knowing the size of the laptop you already own, you can try some instructions that are super easy to figure out the size of a laptop.

Whether you are from France, Belgium, Quebec (Canada), Switzerland or even Morocco, Algeria, or Tunisia, whether you need to know the size of your laptop to be able to buy the ideal bag or you just want to know the dimensions of your laptop, if you can’t wait to measure its size, you’ve come to the right place.

Very often the size of a laptop is mostly measured in inches and has a standard size. But it is not always necessary, it can be bigger than that or even much smaller. You can rather guess and buy a bigger or smaller bag for your laptop or maybe even a laptop skin might go in vain.

So you just need to follow the instructions mentioned below to get a perfect idea of ​​the size of your laptop and even the screen for the multiple scenarios it can stage.

How to Measure Laptop Size? (100% Accuracy)

Before starting the process, certain concepts must be very clear. Let us know all the basic ideas before you move on to measurements.

What to know before taking the measurement

First, the screen size doesn’t say anything about the size of the laptop. The two are different because it does not include the bezel part of the laptop. Second, it is always advisable to add a few inches to the actual measurement if you are buying a laptop bag.

Also, to measure the size you will need a tape measure or a large ruler. Remember, it’s not particularly about measuring screen size, but the size of the laptop, which includes everything.

The standard unit of measurement used in most places or sites is the inch. But if you have other steps to take, you can convert them once you’re done. Now, we can move on to measuring the size of the laptop, which includes height, width, depth, and diagonal.

Step 1: Measure diagonally

How to Measure Laptop Size
How to Measure Laptop Size

The first and most basic of the measurements that everyone should know to accurately measure laptop size or even screen size, Diagonal measurement is a precise measurement. The process is not difficult, but it is important to understand what needs to be done.

Here we’ll use Apple’s Macbook for the measurements. However, the steps are suitable for laptops of all brands, be it HP, DELL, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, or even MSI. We must now close the screen of the laptop for better accuracy.

Measuring the Diagonal Length of a Laptop

Place the tape measure in the lower-left corner and stretch it to the upper right corner of the laptop. This is the size of your laptop. You can measure in inches or cm. You can also convert to the unit that suits you best.

A basic Macbook Air is around 15 inches or more in size.

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Step 2: Measure the height

Next, we will measure the height of the laptop. Since you are measuring a live model, it might be difficult to tell the difference between height and width. Make sure you follow the instructions.

Place the tape measure on the top middle of the laptop and lower it to the bottom by stretching the tape. It will be the height of your laptop or Macbook that you have. Remember to add a little more to the measure if you are looking for a bag.

Step 3: Measure the width

Now we are going to measure the width of the laptop for a perfect understanding of the size. You need to place the tape measure horizontally on top of the laptop, from left to right, to measure the width accurately.

In principle, don’t add too much width to the actual measurement for the bag or for any other purpose, otherwise, it may look weird and too bulky to carry.

Step 4: Measure the depth

Finally, you will need to measure the depth of the laptop. Look at the side of the laptops and place the tape measure vertically on the sides to measure the depth of the computer. To better understand, you can just follow the picture which shows the same action and how the measurement was performed.

It will also give you an idea of ​​how thin your laptop is or how much space it takes for other future use.

How do you know which bag or laptop sleeve to choose based on size?

Many users still make a very general mistake when choosing a laptop bag or skin based on the screen size mentioned everywhere during the purchase. Instead, it should be based on the actual size of the laptop, which also includes edges and bezels.

If you have followed the process above to measure your laptop size, now you can know your laptop measurements i.e. its height, width, depth, and diagonal. These measurements are roughly enough to decide on a laptop bag based on its size. Both design and quality are secondary if the exact measurement is not known.

Likewise, you can also choose the right skin for your laptop based on the measurement. Since you are going to be using it on the panel, you will either need to look for custom stickers where you can fill in the measurements and order the perfect sized skins. Or you will just have to cut it according to the measurements when it arrives.

This may all sound a bit too extra, but it sure isn’t. This is just a basic idea to find you the perfect bag and skin for your laptop, otherwise, you could order or buy the wrong one using just the screen size as a basis.

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How to measure the size of a laptop – FAQ’s

Before we come to a conclusion, there are some burning questions that users have been asking for some time now regarding how to measure laptop size and other related questions.

1. How to know the screen size of a laptop without measuring?

This is a basic question for anyone who doesn't want to go the extra mile when measuring the dimensions of a laptop. You can find the screen size of the laptop on the site where you purchased it or on the inside panel of the screen. Plus, a simple Google search with your laptop model will help you find the right size and you won't need to measure it. Some of the basic sizes of a screen are 11, 13, 15, and 17 inches, with multiple variations even within those sizes. Today, laptop sizes are also in between these ranges, if not more for a laptop with a 17-inch screen.

2. How do I measure the screen size of a laptop?

To measure the screen size of a laptop computer, you can use the same method used to measure the size of the diagonal of the computer. Do not make the mistake of measuring it horizontally, as it will give a wrong measurement. Just take the tape measure or even a ruler and place it on the edges of the laptop diagonally to get the correct measurements.

3. How can I measure my laptop in cm?

In general, laptops have been shipped with the base screen size and not with the laptop size in inches as units. You can either use a scale or a tape measure to measure directly in cm. If you don't have this stuff and just want the cm measurement from inches. You will need to convert it for your convenience. For example, 1 inch = 2.54cm, if you have a laptop with a size of 15 inches, the size in another unit would be 15 ″ x 2.54cm = 38.1cm. This would be the size of your machine and not the size of your particular screen. That's pretty much all you need to know about laptop sizes and also screen sizes. There is a difference between the two, which should be understood by those who use or buy a laptop or any other accessory of it. It is very common to use the laptop screen for various purposes, but it is not enough when a bag is needed to carry it. Moreover, there is no complicated process to know the size of the laptop which includes the screen and also the side edges as well as the included frames. The blog has been specially put together to help other users who are familiar with the whole process to take precise action and use it wisely when needed. Also, as we have mentioned the measurements for the Apple product, the same is true for Windows laptops. Or just put any other laptop, whether small or large. There are tons of people using small laptops in unusually large bags and it looks weird and bulky. It is therefore essential to know the size of the laptop.

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