How do I activate my cam on my hp laptop?

Are you searching How do I activate my cam on my hp laptop? Many laptops in the HP group have a built-in camera? However, users may have difficulty accessing theirs due to the unavailability of the “ HP Webcam ” icon on the desktop. It is normally easy to access the webcam of an HP laptop. Remember to always perform the latest camera update on your machine. Now, let’s answer the question: how do I activate my cam on my hp laptop?

How do I activate my cam on my hp laptop?

What hardware and software configuration for the cam?

The activation method that we are going to see is for HP PCs with an integrated camera, and under Windows 10 or Windows 8. If you are not using the latest version of Windows 10 or 8, some points may change. It is possible to take advantage of the latest version with the Microsoft Store. Many HP laptops and all-in-ones come with built-in webcams that can be used to take video clips or take photos. If you have already confirmed that you have a webcam and have installed the camera software, perform the software updates present. However, if you need to confirm that you have a webcam and install the software for the cam, do the following.

HP laptops

Step one: search for cam material

Inspect the top area of ​​your PC screen. A small lens in the middle of the top is present if your machine has a camera. Note that several models do not have a cam. Instead of the cam, you will find a small plastic cap.

Don’t confuse your camera with the small holes mostly present near the top center area of ​​the screen. These are holes for the microphone or various sensors. These have no webcam.

  • If your PC does not have a built-in cam, it is possible to use an external USB camera.
  • If your PC has a built-in camera and you cannot use it, go to the next step to search for the camera software.

Second step: find and use the given cam software with your PC

If your PC was sold with an integrated webcam, you can use the Camera app to record and share video clips from the camera. The app named “Camera” is preinstalled on PCs running Windows 10. The latter is also available as a free download. To find it, go to the Windows Store for Windows 10 and Windows 8. In the search box on the taskbar, do a search and then open “Camera”.

  • If you see a picture, it’s over. The camera is working.
  • If you are unable to see an image in the main display window, restart the PC and try a new one. If the problem remains, use the troubleshooting section called “Video not showing in webcam software”.

How do I activate my cam from my HP PC using QuickPlay?

Download the latest camera update from the HP group web portal ( Indicate the PC model number, usually located on the front of the display or on a label on the back of the machine. Choose the exact model from the list as well as the operating system present on your machine.

In the list of the drivers and programs present, it is possible to download one of the cams. Then the software should be installed again and the PC should restart. Now you can answer the question “How do I activate my cam on my hp laptop?” “.

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