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The choice of a laptop PC for the best laptop for music production under 500 is not a point to be underestimated. While one might think that computer music does not need a computer with a lot of performance, especially compared to other heavy tasks, it’s actually quite the opposite, so it is vital to choose very well. its configuration.

In addition, as this is an area where we can quickly be volatile, the value of a laptop PC should not be neglected. To guide you in your choice, we offer you our comparison of the best laptops for computer music. Also, a guide is available at the end of this article, in order to best help you with your selection.

Best Laptop For Music Production – Comparison Table

Product name
Price $$

Razer Blade Pro 17
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Acer Predator Helios 300
Check Best Price

New Apple Mac-book Pro
Check Best Price

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MSI GS75 Stealth 10 SGS
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ASUS ZenBook 14 UX433 FN
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Acer Aspire E 15 (E5-575-33BM)
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ASUS Chromebook Flip C436
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Apple MacBook Air 13-inch
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HP 15-inch FHD Laptop
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Our selection of laptops for computer music brings together computers that you will easily find on the market. For more choices, you can also go to our comparison of laptops at the best value for money. You will find their machines that can completely perform the tasks specific to computer music.

1. Apple MacBook Air – best laptop for music production under 500

Apple MacBook Air – best laptop for music production under 500

If there is one professional area where Apple is rather popular, it is in music production. And it is, in particular, the MacBook Air that is often presented as the choice made by musicians.

The main reason is that of the logical presence of a macOS, which has been able to impose itself for a long time in this environment, by its audio part, but also by its dedicated software, like Logic Pro X to quote the best known.

Equipped with a 10th generation Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM, as well as 512 GB of storage via its SSD, it has a sufficient configuration to be able to do computer music without flinching. In addition, it also has a 13-inch screen of very good quality, which is notably tactile.

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of MacBooks is the autonomy, which can go up to 11 hours on this model, all included in an ultra-light machine with impeccable finishes, weighing only 1.25 kg. But obviously, who says Apple, says a fairly expensive product, so you have to be prepared to pay the price.

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2. Huawei MateBook X Pro – best cheap laptop for music production

Huawei MateBook X Pro – best cheap laptop for music production

Huawei has been offering fairly sober and classy products for years, especially in terms of laptops, where we can see the brand’s desire to get closer to what Apple offers, but on the Windows side.

The MateBook X Pro has an i5-8265U, 8 GB of RAM, 512 GB in SSD, as well as an NVIDIA GeForce MX250, which allows tackling computer music without worries while allowing to make a little video editing.

One of its great assets is its 13.9-inch screen, which already presents itself with extremely thin edges, with the possibility of being tactile, but above all, which has a resolution of 3K (3000 x 2000).

Finally, it did not steal its name of an ultrabook, with a weight of only 1.33 kg, and a range of up to around 13 hours.

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3. Lenovo Yoga S740-15Irh – best laptop for recording music

 Lenovo Yoga S740-15Irh – best laptop for recording music

Over time, Lenovo has established itself as a solid brand on laptops, through powerful configurations at a good value, and that’s exactly what stands out from this benchmark of the Yoga range.

With an i7-9750h, 8 GB of RAM, a GTX 1650, as well as a 512 GB SSD, it presents itself as an ideal machine for computer music, as well as a lot of video editing.

Regarding its other specificities,

This laptop announces up to 15 hours of autonomy, 4 Dolby Atmos speakers, a multitude of different USB ports, and a 15.6 inch HDR screen, all included in a weight of 1, 9 kg, which still makes it heavier than other models of this ilk.

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4. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 – cheap laptop for music production

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

As for the brand at the window, or Microsoft, we also know how to offer ultrabooks of a certain quality.

Already, one of the first good points of this portable configuration is to provide an AMD processor, via the Ryzen 5 3550U. It is also accompanied by 8 GB of RAM, as well as 256 GB of storage in SSD.

Besides that, it has many qualities such as a sober and classy design, a 15-inch touch screen with a resolution close to 3K (2736 x 1824), a manufacturer’s warranty of 4 years, etc.

We can still regret the absence of some recent features, such as Wi-Fi 6 for example, or that this laptop is still a bit expensive compared to what it offers.

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5. Huawei MateBook 13 – good cheap laptops for music production

Huawei MateBook 13 – good cheap laptops for music production

Huawei specializes in sober, classy best laptop for music production under 500 with impeccable finishes, all for a very strong value for money, and the manufacturer proves it once again with the MateBook 13.

Equipped with an i5-8265U, 8 GB of RAM, a GeForce MX250.

As well as 512 SSD storage, it does not have much to envy its big brother, the MateBook X Pro, in terms of power.

In its very advantageous price, it also offers a 13-inch screen of very good quality in 2K, Dolby Atmos sound, an integrated fingerprint sensor, all with a fast-charging battery, which can reach 10 hours of autonomy.

6. Lenovo Legion Y740 – best laptop for fl studio under $500

Lenovo Legion Y740 - best laptop for fl studio under $500
best laptop for fl studio under $500

This model reaches the top of the ranking thanks to its controlled quality-price ratio. The display is generous thanks to the 17-inch screen, which also benefits from beautiful colorimetry and sufficient brightness.

The config is excellent and allows you to exceed 100 fps on The Witcher 3or GTA V, enough to enjoy a sacred gaming experience thanks to this perfect fluidity. At this level of performance, we of course expect a lot from the cooling system, and fortunately, it operates a very efficient cooldown.

However, this comes at the cost of a pronounced noise from the fans on the most demanding games (like the two mentioned previously) and a fairly wide base. In fact, you will therefore have to buy a pouch a bit larger than for a 17-inch screen if you plan to carry it.

Best laptop for music production under 500 – Buying Guide

Why Choose a Laptop PC for Computer-Aided Music?

Obviously, the main asset of a laptop PC for music production is the portability of the machine. It all depends on your need, but in cases where, for example, you move around a lot, like to produce where you want, that you need it to go and record something, or even show your work to other people. , a portable machine can be of great use. And of course, you might not just be making music with your pc. If you have multiple needs you can turn to versatile computers like our selection. You can also consult our comparison of gaming laptops which can largely be sufficient for computer music and much more in terms of production.

Configuration for computer music

As said at the beginning of the article, the power of computer music is an element that should absolutely not be neglected. It is a heavy task that requires good computing power, especially in real-time. Therefore, here are the different needs in a setup for music production:

Processor (CPU)

Even if it means choosing between the two big names, Intel and AMD, it makes more sense to go with an AMD Ryzen for its ability to better manage this kind of heavy task, as well as multitasking. But the difference is not huge either, so an Intel CPU does the trick as well. At a minimum, we recommend an AMD Ryzen 5 or an Intel Core i5, and at best to go with their big brothers, either an AMD Ryzen 7 or an Intel Core i7.

Random-access memory (RAM)

Perhaps the most important point. 8 GB of RAM is the minimum, and if you can, absolutely do not hesitate to rely on 16 GB or more, especially for large productions.

Graphics card (GPU)

The element that you can neglect the most, except in the case where you supplement your audio production with video editing or video editing for example. In this case, opt more for a graphic with 4 GB of VRAM or more.

Storage (SSD)

Finally, you have to pay attention to storage. The big mistake would be to start with a standard hard drive, that is, an HDD, which pales in comparison to a much faster SSD. Even a small SSD will be of great help in quickly running the operating system, applications, loading files, etc. It is especially useful in the case of multitrack recordings, which require a high data writing speed. An HDD can always come in handy as an extra, but especially for pure hard storage, with data going out only when you need it.

What software to mix?

Today there is a hell of a lot of DAW software for computer music, whether on Mac or PC, and whether they are free or paid. Obviously, we recommend the latter much more, since, with free software, you will quickly be limited. Behind it all depends on your needs, your means, as well as your desires. For example, if you are looking for a purely Apple tool, Logic Pro X will make you happy; if you want a simple tool, especially for electronic music, FL Studio is a good choice; if you have a good budget with a pro studio available, aim for Pro Tools; etc.

In short, the big differences between DAW software are in functionality and workflow. Take a look at what each offers versus what you are looking for, and don’t hesitate to download the demos offered to get an idea.

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Best Laptop For Music Production Under 500 – FAQ

PC or laptop for computer music?

For this, and as discussed above, the choice between a stationary PC and a laptop PC is based on a single important need: portability. If you need to transport it for your music production business, or for other tasks in your life like work or study, go for a portable machine. On the other hand, if this is not the case, we strongly recommend a stationary PC, which offers a better performance-price ratio, more input and output ports, the possibility of installing more external equipment with it, etc. .

Computer music on Mac or PC?

A great debate in the world of music! Mac is often touted as the kind of machine you absolutely need for any kind of music production, and this was very true at one time, but not really today. There are interesting tools available from Apple products, and they have certain quality standards, but this can also be the case with PCs. Indeed, the audio part of Windows has caught up with that of macOS, and many quality DAW software can now be found on this platform. So like in the basic Mac vs. PC debate, our advice is to take what works best for you, and what is within your means.

What are the best computer music software?

First of all, there isn't really one best software, as different uses in the music business call for different needs. However, if we had to make a list of some good computer music software for you, here is what we recommend: FL Studio, Steinberg Cubase, Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro X, Pre Sonus Studio One, Ableton Live, etc.

Can we use a gaming PC for computer music?

Video games are one of the heaviest tasks on the PC, which requires a lot of overall power. Because of this, you can easily be satisfied with a gaming PC. However, in the case of gaming laptops, they are not recognized for their lightweight, compared to machines made for computer music, so be careful on this point. These types of laptops will be used more for architects or advanced graphics applications with graphics computing power requirements for rendering.

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