Best Jumper Brand Laptops

Are you searching for the Best Jumper Brand Laptops? Laptops are computer equipment intended for all types of users in various fields, they become educational tools, work, training, and more. The options of use that you can give it are endless. However, there are 2 types of users, those who spend large amounts of money for brands recognized worldwide and those who opt for a good laptop, perhaps not recognized but with the same characteristics as a high-end one.

In this sense, we refer to those technological brands that make their way into the world of laptops and tablets, innovating every day to be in this market and offer you quality products at affordable prices. Therefore, we show you in this article the Best Jumper Brand Laptops.

1. JUMPER EZbook 3L Pro laptop

JUMPER EZbook 3L Pro laptop

Versatility, power, quality, and durability offers you this EZbook 3L Pro portable model, with a dimension of 14 inches, a totally elegant last generation equipment of only 1.86 Kg, silver ultrabook, ideal to easily move daily from so you want it, so having this equipment in your hands will give you the best feeling by satisfying each of your requirements.

This great laptop includes the Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft, a fully updated OS with a 64bit architecture that allows you to automatically download or install the best applications on the market that are only compatible with this type of updated software, also thanks for your automatic update system will not require a technician for future updates.

On the other hand, its quad-core Intel-made Xeon Phi processor allows this team to have great power with a 6 GB DDR3L technology RAM for multitasking and up to a substantial 8 GB, excellent for performance for editing software. videos, videogames, that require great capacity and speed.

Of course, this would not be possible without a graphics card that meets the necessary characteristics, and this team is not far behind presenting a graphics coprocessor from the Intel HD Graphics 500 brand that complements all the necessary power to perform a great performance.

Now, in terms of its hard disk storage capacity, it has been only 128 GB, so it becomes ideal equipment for specific purposes where it is not required to carry large storage capacity in everything that to files and other elements are required that could overload it.

However, this computer has the ability to expand its storage using external memory which is a great option for multiple tasks.

Other additional features such as a 2.0 MP front camera is valuable extra for making video calls, capturing special moments and staying in closer contact with loved ones or for work.

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Definitely, if you are looking for a team for specific tasks and at the same time efficient, this laptop will surely meet all your desired expectations and you can get it for a lower cost than the market average.

JUMPER EZbook 3L Pro Laptop Technical Specifications

  • Product brand and model: Jumper EZbook 3L Pro
  • Color: EZbook 3L Pro-Silver
  • Screen dimension: 14 inches
  • Processor Type: Xeon Phi
  • Processor speed: 10 GHz
  • Number of processors: 4
  • Memory Capacity: RAM 6GB
  • Hard Drive Capacity: 128GB
  • Graphics card brand: Intel
  • Connectivity type: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Windows operating system
  • Very light and of a good size
  • 64Bit architecture
  • Powerful 4-core processor
  • Low storage capacity to be a powerful team

2. JUMPER EZpad 6 Pro

JUMPER EZpad 6 Pro laptop

In second place we have this JUMPER EZpad 6 Pro model, an exceptional 2-in-1 ultra-slim device that you can use as a Computer or Tablet, integrated in the same way with the Windows 10 operating system, ideal for multiple purposes with great capacity and very easy to handle.

This equipment has an 11.6-inch full HD IPS-type screen, it also offers you a high definition of 1920 x 1080 which allows you to see totally sharp and intense images, perfectly qualified for games and movies.

To give you greater performance, it composes an Intel Quad-Core processor with 6 GB RAM memory, this a team that combines a benefit of 64 GB ROM that accelerates its operation quickly and without difficulties, making it totally powerful and very versatile when using.

This laptop gives an excellent experience whether for entertainment or office use, very easy to carry and even in a backpack and even independently if you only want to use this device as a Tablet, thanks to its metal material of only 9 mm and with a weight of 776g it allows it to be very light.

Live the experience like never before without missing a moment, its attached battery is made of 4500 mAh li-ion polymer material that can reach a maximum of up to 20 hours so you can enjoy your movies without worry or other varied use that you want to give it . However, you must bear in mind that the duration time may also vary depending on the use of applications.

Of course, this equipment also allows you all possible external connectivity so that you can use and adapt different elements to improve your experience or move data and files, with USB 3.0, micro USB and even micro HDMI ports. You can also expand its storage memory by micro SD that supports up to 256 GB.

Finally, we invite you to take into account this equipment thanks to its performance if you are looking for touch control under a Windows operating system, this equipment although it is smaller than the average, its unique characteristics place it among the most used on the market.

JUMPER EZpad 6 Pro Laptop Technical Specifications

  • Brand and model: JUMPER EZpad 6 Pro
  • Screen size: 11.60 inches
  • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Maximum screen resolution: 1080p Full HD
  • Processor Manufacturer: Intel
  • Processor speed: 1.60 GHz
  • Computer memory type: DDR3 SDRAM
  • Memory Capacity: RAM 6GB
  • Connectivity type: Bluetooth
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Ultra-thin and very light
  • 2-in-one model that can be used as a Tablet
  • Touch screen
  • Expandable memory
  • Does not include a keyboard



A lightweight, ideally sized and practical device, Jumper EZBOOK 3SE, is a laptop that presents a very good price/quality ratio. Although ultrathin laptops have decreased their prices in other brands, the reality is that they go and even above 500 euros that many do not have that budget.

Opting for a Jumper brand equipment is not lowering the quality, described the two previous products, it is to be noted that the characteristics may be even higher than other world-renowned brands.

This particular equipment is designed for those advanced and non-advanced users who handle large amounts of data in the cloud, its connectivity mode is extremely simple and intelligent, integrated with the Windows 10 Home operating system, which allows very fast and stable work.

In addition, this equipment has a 13.3P full HD screen of 1920 by 1080 resolution with an excellent Core Intel HD Graphics 500 graphic processor that will allow you to play online without taking up storage space in the buffer, which is an attractive option for those who wish to interact with other players.

An Intel-made dual-core processor completes this powerful device capable of generating a surprising volume of data interference, with 3 GB of RAM memory that gives it the incredible speed and even to play videos fluently.

Its storage capacity, on the other hand, is 128 GB, which is expected for a team of these characteristics, being usual to face common tasks performing a great performance, in this model you can perform different tasks at the same time without it being overloaded responding on a large scale and firmly.

Another important feature when we buy equipment for daily use is having the ability to use it for as long as possible without having to be connected to a cable, and this is offered by this laptop, with a 7.6 V lithium battery / 4500 mAh lasts for up to 4-5 hours giving it continuous use which is a great advantage forgetting to connect it for a long time in the day.

This fairly practical and powerful equipment can give you the same benefits and utility as another high-end laptop but at a lower price, see more details at and make the right choice for you.

JUMPER EZBOOK 3SE Notebook Technical Specifications

  • Brand and model: JUMPER EZBOOK 3SE
  • Screen dimension: 13.30 inches
  • Processor Type: Atom N280
  • Processor speed: 4 GHz
  • RAM capacity: 6 GB
  • Hard Drive Capacity: 128GB
  • Graphics card brand: intel HD graphics
  • Connectivity type: NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Connection type: Bluetooth wireless
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home
  • Price/quality ratio
  • Ultradelago model
  • Full HD display
  • Intel dual-core processor
  • Little storage space 128 GB

4. JUMPER EZbook S4 Notebook

JUMPER EZbook S4 Notebook laptop

So far we have presented you with 3 great products that perfectly meet professional standards, where their quality/price ratio is unmatched in the computer market and if you have not been satisfied, the JUMPER EZbook S4 Notebook computer will leave you breathless.

We are talking about powerful equipment in every sense of the word, from its design to its components, they are manufactured calculatingly with you, the end-user, in mind and responding to each of the most important requirements.

An elegant laptop of humanized design, very light and easy to move due to its weight of 1.25 kilograms that has a 14.1-inch full HD screen showing a panoramic design, in addition to a totally thin 8mm bevel frame, the resolution of 1920 by 1080 takes you to an incredibly superlative viewing experience.

Like the previous products, this one maintains the same technology with an updated installed Windows 10 operating system with a fast reading of up to 500M / S thanks to its 8 GB RAM of DDR3L technology and also 256GB SSD ROM that reduces power consumption giving the greater performance of the equipment and its durability.

And as if that were not enough, the built-in battery is capable of offering up to 4600mAh of useful life that gives operational durability of use of 8 and 9 hours for each recharge, so with this equipment you can not only do small tasks, and even it is ideal for playing videos or watching television for a long time, also playing video games or surfing the web.

As for the previous models, the storage capacity of this product is 256 GB, much larger but safe to store what you want without the need to include an external memory to store your files for professional use or once-in-a-lifetime memories.

In addition, it is worth noting its 64bit architecture with which it allows you to update and install software that other 32-bit equipment is no longer compatible and obsolete. With this wonderful equipment, you can even handle editing programs like the Adobe package if you are a user who seeks to have the greatest flexibility when working with professional design.

Other features also include connectivity with other devices, multi-language support, extra storage type, front camera, among others. But the most important thing is to know your needs, only in this way will you understand that each device is made for each user to suit you.

JUMPER EZbook S4 Notebook Technical Specifications

  • Brand and model: Jumper EZbook S4 Notebook
  • Screen dimension: 14 inches
  • RAM capacity: 8 GB
  • Hard Drive Capacity: 256GB
  • Hard drive interface: USB 3.0
  • Graphics card brand: Intel
  • Connectivity type: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Wireless connection type: Bluetooth
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • 14.1-inch widescreen full HD display
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Excellent 256GB hard drive storage
  • Price
  • Has no negative characteristics

Best Jumper Brand Laptops – Buyer Guide

Choosing the right computer involves taking into account many aspects, especially when it comes to laptops. They are computers that relatively require more care than a desktop one because when you think of laptops the first thing that comes to mind is being able to transport it in the most comfortable way possible from one place to another.

With the high demand that exists today, large technology corporations have launched a wide range of computer products, including laptops of different dimensions and incredible features such as 2-in-one computers that make their portability much more versatile than the rest. to be able to be drop-down of the keyboard and to use it type Tablet.

Of course, with these great advances and the competitiveness between companies to attract the largest number of users, their prices vary incredibly, this means that you can achieve great diversity online that it can be confusing for the common user to see so many brands of the same characteristics in different costs.

Such is the case of the Jumper brand, a technology company of Chinese origin, but unlike many other companies, Jumper has a history of more than 20 years in the market, founded since 1997 that keeps innovating every day and creating great high-performance equipment at a great price.

So is choosing this brand for your next laptop or first a crazy idea? Of course not, its quality in technological products such as computers remains at the forefront of large recognized brands with below-average costs.

But making a purchase of a laptop is not based only on the price, it is an added value that leads to making a better choice by grouping other criteria, so you should also consider some of these characteristics:

Processor or CPU

The term processor or CPU or we call it the brain of the computer is one of the main important components of the hardware because this is the brain of the computer, it is one of the control activities in computing performance. More than half of the computing performance is controlled by this hardware.

To make the computing process easier, choosing the right processor will be more beneficial for you. Because those processors will work better when you know the use and function. You can’t expect to play a smooth online game if your laptop’s processor doesn’t meet the necessary characteristics. Also, a high-end CPU is needed to be able to play smoothly online or offline.

However, if your purpose is conventional that involves performing common tasks such as browsing, word processor, using the usual tools of course an average Intel processor may be the right one and you would also save yourself from spending a larger amount for a computer that you did not give the utility you deserve.

That’s why choosing the right equipment is not only based on its attractive design, its multi-tasking performance must be efficient enough to deliver the speed it deserves. You don’t want to have a computer that you can only use once per process, so this point is very important that you define what purpose your device is going to have.


In addition to making sure you have a good CPU processor, you of course want to make sure your laptop has enough RAM. RAM is the working memory of your computer. Too little, and you won’t get the most out of that powerful CPU that you may have paid a little more money for.

Just like choosing a computer with a good CPU processor depends on what you need it for, it also makes you choose a specific amount of RAM. So more RAM means more speed and maybe a bigger budget, in this case, if you have a tight budget you probably don’t want to buy more than you need.

On the other hand, it’s no fun realizing you needed more than you thought you needed and ending up stuck with less-than-ideal speeds or buying additional memory.

Of course, you can have the ability to change the RAM and expand it, but what does this entail? If you do not have the necessary experience you will have to resort to a technician which would cost you an additional expense without thinking about the consequences that this entails, such as losing the warranty of your equipment.

We recommend that you think carefully about what you will be using your laptop for, both in the near future and during the life of the machine. If all you need, for now, is to run a word processor and check your email, then 4GB is fine.

On the other hand, if you have had in mind that you would like to get into graphic design or try that favorite role-playing game of your cousin, you may want to go higher to be prepared when that day arrives.


The storage of a computer is through the hard disk, this is part of the hardware and is one of the essential elements to be able to give life to a computer. The operating system and the files necessary to function properly will be installed on the hard disk, so it takes up minimal space.

It is also the medium where you store the rest of the files, documents, and multimedia, as well as the installation of various software that you can use during the useful life of your computer.

Installing different programs will also depend on the storage capacity of your laptop’s hard drive, low capacity will allow you to use only the basic programs necessary, which is suitable for users who do not need to use large storage.

Therefore, how much storage you require depends on you, there are high-end devices that offer an elegant design with a capacity of up to 250 GB, it is an average capacity of great utility or you can opt for an equitable of up to 1 TB of memory, this means to have 1000 GB of space on your disk to store a large number of files.


Having a high-performance laptop can drain the battery quickly and this is something that you don’t want to happen to you very often, being a laptop having the possibility to keep it on as much as possible is a great benefit. So you must consider the characteristics and specifications of what material the battery is made of, its durability, charging time, and even useful lifetime and if it is easy to replace.

For the most part, the charge should last between 4 to 6 hours with continuous use, however, there is the possibility of acquiring a device where your charge can last up to 9 to 12 continuous hours.


The design is not just an aesthetic factor, the manufacturing material is what will tell you if your equipment is compact, resistant and of quality that is accompanied by the attractiveness of your equipment, we also refer to the screen, the resolution, and the high definition you hope to get.

With full HD and touch screen laptops, it can be a very difficult decision to make, given the features that your model offers or you choose, you will have one of these great features.


Portability is an important feature for laptop users of any brand. As our lives become more and more mobile, being able to carry the laptop with you and use it while traveling becomes a vital factor in choosing a device.

  • Several factors go into portability, including size, weight, and battery life. Which of these factors is the most important to you again depends on what you are willing to sacrifice.
  • A lightweight laptop means less hardware, a thinner laptop means giving up a disk drive, and long battery life can sometimes mean sticking with lighter applications.
  • We recommend finding a good balance between these three factors, taking into account the general needs you have for your laptop and the area of ​​convenience that is most important to you.


Now we know that Jumper is not only a Chinese technological brand that offers cutting-edge laptops, beyond that its quality in the products is demonstrated in this exhaustive selection of its best equipment.

If your budget is tight, buying one of these computers will not only give you the feeling of using a high-performance computer, they are very versatile to use and capable of meeting your requirements in the environment that you want.

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